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Originally Posted by wikter View Post
WEll, I've seen those tracks that really work, but I've found a problem trying to do my own. I've done using the 1st track to put the first Stereo Out and the VSTi (midi), but when i create the next tracks I get no output.
I can use a send from a folder track but, in this case, it happens that Snares sounds but Hats Doesn´t... it's very strange.

Thinkig about it, it would be great that the folder track was the 1st stereo and the next foldered tracks sound as they should.
I can't imaagine why it doesn´t work. I tryed that yesterday at parent's home but today it doesn't work.
I believe this is because you'd get feedback if you had the VSTi on the folder track, sending to the children, then receiving them from the children (necessarily, because they are children)

You can check this for yourself by checking/unchecking "allow feedback in routing" in the project prefs. I don't recommend leaving this checked though, it's far too easy to actually blow your speakers/ears through feedback (which hits hard and fast).
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