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Originally Posted by SRR View Post
I was able to run the UAD-1 by it self ages ago (even sent a card to Justin, to get UAD's working with Reaper), and I have been running a UAD-2 by itself for awhile, but next week I am expecting a new used UAD-1 to come my way. So what should I expect?
Hey SRR, I remember when you sent one of your UAD-1 cards to Justin and within a few weeks the "UAD-1 Synchronous Mode" was born. You were the hero of the day for doing that!

What kind of UAD-1 card are you getting (PCI or PCIe)? I am running (2) UAD-2 cards and a UAD-1 PCIe card in my DAW rig without any issues. I think the PCI versions can be a bit more problematic when used with UAD-2 PCIe cards and REAPER. I am running REAPER with basically the stock default buffer settings and I always keep the "UAD-1 Synchronous mode" disabled. Only use it if you absolutely have to as it will degrade the performance of DAW's with multi-processors. I actually can't remember the last time I even had to use my UAD-1, as my QUAD & SOLO cards handle all of the UAD plug-ins that I need to use. I still keep it on those rare occasions that I may need the extra DSP or want to use the Nigel plug-in.

I keep the "Extra Buffers" option in the UAD Meter disabled (I believe it is enabled when you first install the UAD software). You do not need it in REAPER and it adds another 64 samples plug-in latency when enabled. I rountinely keep my DAW @ 128 samples (tracking/mixing/rendering) and sometimes take her down to 64 samples when needed without any issues.
I am using the very latest UAD v6.1 and use the 32bit UAD versions in WinXP 32bit. I'll make the move to Win7 64bit once UA releases the 64bit compatible plug-in versions later this year. I am not into the bit bridging of UAD plug-ins. I tend to use scores of UAD plug-ins and in my experience the bitbridges tend to be too cumbersome, CPU hogs and unpredictable for me to rely on.


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