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Originally Posted by Sleep opposed View Post
Ive tried following the tutorials as well as a bit of experimentation, but so far no 100% success with making an ezdrummer dfh template. I use this quite a bit so i thought id give it a shot. Ive attached it for anyone whos interested.
Your routing looks fine. One of your tracks has a duplicate in.

Your prob is probably that solo is killing the folder track as well. Check the "solo defaults..." pref as Bevoss said. As I recall, one of the solo types will work on subtracks, the other won't.

BTW, you don't need to explicitly route each track up to the master (folder track) if they are in a folder. Every track in a folder automatically gets routed to the folder.

My recollection (I just use my template now) is that as long as you have:

--VSTi (with VST sub-channels routed to each OUT as appropriate)

The folder track will accumulate the OUT1-4s back up and send to the MASTER.

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