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Default Windows accessibility: focus bug in "Device" category of Preferences dialog (FIXED)


In Windows builds, focus gets stolen the first time you use the keyboard to navigate to "Device" in the category tree of the Preferences dialog.

Reproduction steps:

1. Open the Preferences window, select any category other than "Device" and hit OK to close the dialog (bear with me, this stage is just to set you up for success in next steps).

2. Reopen the Preferences dialog, then use either UpArrow or DownArrow to navigate through the categories until you reach "Device".

3. Notice how when you reach the Device category, focus gets automatically redirected to the "Audio system" combo box? That's the bug.

4. Keep Preferences open, move back to the category tree, and use your keyboard to move away from the "Device" category.

5. Use the keyboard to return to the "device" category. Notice how this time, focus doesn't jump anywhere? That's the expected behaviour I reckon, seeing as that's how all other categories behave.

Not a showstopper, but a UX oddity that I'd like to get squashed if poss.


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