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Part 2 by me:

- Ctrl-drag in a track to create on the fly a new empty MIDI item
- Double click empty space in the left side of arrange view to quickly create a new track
- Track folders are submix of child tracks
- You can nest folders at any level
- If you want folders only group tracks without submix, disable master/parent option in child tracks routing properties
- You can double click the folder icon of a folder track to switch among three different view modes
- Change playrate slider to try slowing down or accelerate the whole arrangement in a moment
- Tracks can contain both audio and MIDI items
- Enable "Free item positioning" option on tracks to freely position items
- You can send MIDI data beside audio from one track to another
- You can easily stack soft synths by creating sends from the same MIDI track to multiple soft synth tracks

Part 3? Who knows...

- Mario
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