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Originally Posted by Fredj View Post
Hello everybody,
SQBY, please can you tell me how did you set up your Icon ?
I've got mine (Pro + 1 EX) since few days and try it within Reaper (demo release). My first issue is the EX, faders and vpots of the Pro are mirrored to the EX !! when I touch for instance the 2nd fader of the Pro then the 2nd fader of the EX reacts the same way...
Well in Prefs I added :
"mackie control", with "icon qcon pro v1.05"
"mackie control extended", with "icon qcon ex1 v1.05"
Is it correct ?
Sorry Fredj but as far as I'm concerned the EX would not work properly with Klinke's DLL at the moment. You can try the basic MCU implementation which is in reaper, but can't thell whether it will work right, because I do not own EX, because I am waiting with my order until the EX will be working the same manner as PRO is.

I have contacted my Polish distributor and alerted him about the problem, he contacted the icon. As far as I know, ICON's product manager should have red this forum and contacted Klinke about the development of plugin.
This sure is a problem, because if it worked me and my friends from other studios in Poland would buy many EXs and a the moment we are stuck with only Qcon PRO, waiting for things to happen. Hopefully it will be repaired fast.

best regards,
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