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I'm a Debian guy too, but I use Linux for servers. I do have a Wheezy desktop sitting beside me that has recent hardware in it and it's running the gnome desktop, but it's more for evaluation purposes than anything.

I've continually tried and evaluated Linux as a desktop OS, and continually been disappointed with it. With this particular install I spent the better half of one day getting an ATI HD6450 working, that's time I'm never going to get back. It's working and stable now but it's the constant hurdles and hoops that I find myself running through to get things to work in a Linux Desktop Environment that really turns me off of it. When you have configuration or just plain issues on Linux it generally requires much higher levels of technical skill to deal with those issues than it does on a Windows OS based machine. It's a very Geeky OS and that is who it's targeted at - not so much the average desktop end user.

If you have lots of free time to tinker with it, then have at it, but if your time is worth money then throw some money at a more mainstream OS and spend more of your time being productive at things that actually make you money.
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