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Originally Posted by Boray View Post
It still is.
I have to disagree wholeheartedly: All desktops/laptops in my own company are running Mint KDE without any problems, regardless of what hardware it's on. There are non-geek people there that use it every day without problems as well. Besides that, my servers are virtualized on Proxmox (Debian-based) and are running Xubuntu. All incredibly stable (much more so then you will ever attain with a windows-based setup).

I agree that there are many half-baked distros because everyone who wants it can roll their own. However, for the last year there are several very functional, stable distros available that are keeping pace with developing hardware pretty well.

Yes, you need to know a fair bit of IT to run a company network on linux distros... but so you do as well when using windows in that regard
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