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Originally Posted by Snap View Post
AV Linux. But it has tons of apps. Anyway it's very light weight and stable. You can completely run it in the RAM of any so so machine without hassles installed in a flash drive. The drawback is that Reaper is not installed by default so you'll need to remaster the OS.

KXStudio is being ported to Debian Wheezy. It will be ready in a few months, now without an specific DE. It will be KDE available as always, but the intention is leaving the DE or window manager to the user choice if you want it lighter. It has Reaper installed by default with WineASIO ready to go. I'm testing the prereleased Debian packages and I love it.
Regarding AV Linux, I tend to remove all the extra apps that I will never use, using Synaptic. Then Remaster the system.

I have Crunchbang on another system and was looking to install KXStudio over it. Did you install all the meta packages, or did you just install what you need? I was looking for certain packages (qtractor) and could not find them, only old versions. Did you have to do any tweaking to your debian system in order to use it for Audio, or did KXStudio do all of that for you?
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