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Originally Posted by ZeeByeZon View Post
I still have 2 issues :
- It seems like reaper (or wineasio) has only 16 audio inputs, and 16 audio outputs. I would need a bit more for my MOTU828mkII (22/22). Is it configurable somewhere ?
- I have 2 USB midi interfaces, which are accessible from Reaper. But I cannot see the MIDI I/O of my MOTU (which is not ALSA but jack). They appear in jack, but how can I make them show up in reaper MIDI Devices list?
1. Have a look at the README file that comes with wineasio. There are environment variables that can be used, and there are also registry entries that can be used to configure the amount of IO ports (among other things). Possibly the easiest is just to run WINEPREFIX=what_ever_it_is regedit, search for wineasio and you'll find a hive with various parameters.

2. In principle wine can only access the alsa midi sequencer driver, it has no way to access jack midi devices. What follows are conjecture on my part as I hardly ever use midi. There is supposedly a VST plugin called jackass, that can input and output jack midi, search the kxstudio website as falktx wrote it. I've also heard of jack to alsa midi bridges, possibly the best place would be a recent jack1 documentation. I think there is an internal jack to midi bridge client delivered with the latest versions, but have no experience with using it.

3. Best of luck B)
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