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Originally Posted by planetnine View Post
Hello Manley, I've not read the manual for that console, but I reckon the levels will be something like -20 to -16 dB FSD for 0dB on its channels. That might seem low, but it's actually normal levels and you'll actually need some gain on your monitoring to bring that up to a decent sound level.

Given me a little while and I can get on the web and look at the manual for you, but I bet I'm in the ball park.

Hi Nathan

Great!! i appreciate that once i get the basic setup i'll be fine,at the moment im going around in circles

wanted to mention that ive been routing my mix through the valve channel on the console with the valve knobs off reason being if i go via the master bus with vu the meters are slamming can O worms & headaches

im waiting for a response from heath regarding another issue but that's another story LOL

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