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Ok, quick update :
I know a bit more now, but the issue is still not resolved.
- the demo mode in K5 does in fact krap out after a while.
Clicking the "activate now" button gives you the message "this library can't be activated". Yeah, right. Klever.
- good call about the activation tool, but that was apparently for earlier versions, like Pro5 or stuff. Bummer, would have been an elegant fix.
- I tried installing EP1.5 (clean) from Komplete 5 on my office PC while doing my paperwork, it runs ok here, W7Pro64 too, just like DarkStar said.
Didn't bother installing Kontakt5, the EP setup alone took more than 30mins to unpack that 2Gb monolithic installer (library not included), install EP and a nonfunctional Surveillance Center. Great Koncept.
- then, in the studio, while checking the library thing, I discovered I had left out Komplete 5 back when installing chronologically, simply ran the relevant updaters on Komplete 4, iirc to avoid another senseless mega-installer, and proceeded directly to Komplete 6 which had some new stuff. Should be the same in theory, but apparently it's not.
So now I'm once more waiting for that blasted monolith to unpack, on the DAW this time. It's not so much about the piano anymore, I need to fix this thing before 2015, it's more like a duel situation by now ...
thanks again to everybody,
to be continued ...
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