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Default unselect an item


I am writing on a script that needs items that are not under the edit cursor to be deselected

I could not find any clue on how to do that...
is it somehow possible with this:
RPR_SetMediaItemInfo_Value(Item_ID, "B_UISEL", ???)
not sure what B_UISEL is supposed to be, writing in various numbers shows no reaction at all...
EDIT: It works, as soon as you move the mouse over an env-lane after running the script. Cracy!

I am using a while loop so far to identify if an item is not under the cursor.

Item_Count = RPR_CountMediaItems(0)
Item_Index = 0
cursor = RPR_GetCursorPosition()

while Item_Index < Item_Count: 
    Item_ID = RPR_GetMediaItem(0, Item_Index)
    start = RPR_GetMediaItemInfo_Value(Item_ID, "D_POSITION")   
    length = RPR_GetMediaItemInfo_Value(Item_ID, "D_LENGTH")
    end = start + length
    if (cursor > end) or (start > cursor):
    Item_Index = Item_Index + 1;

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