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Well lucky old me. Both RME interfaces working as usual. All NI stuff and Uvi stuff working as usual. Reaper, Studio One 2.6 and Sonar X3 working as usual. Toontrack stuff working as usual. XLN Audio stuff needed to be re-authorised but are all working 100% now.

In summation, I have yet to find anything that doesn't work as it should.

Reminds me why I bought the hardware I did in the first place. Solid stuff with excellent support.

Sorry for anyone experiencing problems, but hopefully MS or the manufacturers (Are you listening, Roland?) will get it all sorted out quickly.

One thing I did find highly amusing was that the old Emu 1220/1820 interfaces are STILL working for folks!

EDIT: Forgot I had not checked on RME drivers recently, so I just installed the latest July 2015 updates and all is still well.

EDIT part deux: Forgot to say "I feel for you" to Softsynth - I almost bought a Roland A800 and settled for an obsolete old POS Xboard 61, which actually works fine in 10. Roland always used to be really good on keeping their old stuff current, too.

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