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Hi all

I'm back with some updates....

Prime95: I have run all 3 tests now. I did around 21 hours of Blend, 9 hours of Small FFT and 9 hours of Large FFT. All tests completed without errors or problems.

GSmartControl: I have run all 3 hard drives through all 3 tests. No problems reported.

Still need to run Memtest and some GPU stress tests. Will update you guys when I have.

I've had some new problems today and thought I'd share those in case they cast any new light onto the situation. Unfortunately though, these new problems coupled with the old ones did send me into a bit of a meltdown and as such everything is quite hazy and unclear in terms of what happened in what order. Sorry for being a bit useless there.

Problem one was as Windows was loading. It would come up with a blue screen which said: "Server Initialization failed with an error....." It then gave error code: 0XC00700C1.

After a few reboots two further problems occurred. Firstly the AVG "Computer Protected" bit would not work/load. It said "Computer Component is not active". There was an option to fix it, but every time I tried that it would not work and would just say "could not finish automatic repair".

Secondly, my graphics card driver stopped working and needed a full re-installation. Windows just loaded one time and it was back to the basic VGA driver.

Whether all of this is directly part of the original problem or perhaps has come about by some of the stuff I've been doing to try and diagnose/fix the problem, I can't be sure. But I thought I'd share it in case it is useful.

Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
If you have four slots Memtest should see and test them all, even if Winows 3 bit cant use them all.
That's handy. I'll definitely test all four sticks at once then when I run Memtest. Thanks for the info. While on the subject of Memtest, is 24 hours sufficient?

Originally Posted by keys View Post
If you haven't already, power up, keep tapping F8 until you get the safe menu screen, select safe mode with networking, go to the web page thats causing you problems and see if it reboots. If not, then you know its a driver or plugin that is loaded when in your 'normal' user mode.
Then create a new user, and check if that user has the same problem.
Also install a different broweser and see if that has the same problem.
Sounds very much like a wayward programme to me.
Good ideas which I've now tried. In Safe Mode, the website still crashes the PC and forces a reboot. I have not tried a different user yet. Would you still suggest I do? As for other browsers, I have an old copy of Opera installed and the webpage was fine in that.

Originally Posted by Magicbuss View Post
Has a HD diagnostic been run?
I've run the tests in GSmartControl and have also error scanned in HDTune.

Originally Posted by innuendo View Post
Launch HWmonitor and note the temperatures when the CPU is idle. Mainly what's interesting is CPU, RAM and GPU temperatures. Unless you notice anything else that is getting too high (i.e. 80C or more).
Then run Prime95 (haven't used this tool for a while so I can't comment on how to set it up, but I think you can just click through it). Launch a multicore test and watch the temperatures skyrocket. If cooling conditions are really bad (and your CPU doesn't throttle), then computer might abruptly shut down. So it's best to have as few applications open as possible and to not perform anything with the disk. Normally, temperatures will continue to rise for a while and then stabilize. At this point note the values. If after about 5 minutes you saw no crash, note the values and quit the test. Best to not run it for ages because heat is dangerous to electronics.
Hmmm... I forgot that last bit when I ran the tests! Nevertheless, temps seemed ok. Idling is fine. At their very hottest, the CPU reached 80 degrees (for one of the cores, the other were a bit less). The GPU reached 49 degrees. I'm not sure if it gives a temp for the RAM. Couldn't see one. Hard drives ranged form 35 to 40.

Originally Posted by innuendo View Post
Next would be GPU test
I'll try to get that done tomorrow.

Originally Posted by innuendo View Post
You can send karbo's share to me :-)
Just kidding. We're here for fun and helping people is fun. Money would spoil it.
Thanks - I really do appreciate it.

Thanks also for those links, I'll have a read of those.

Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
FWIW Norwich is about an hour and a half from me.
Getting tempted to offer to make a house call....
Hahaha - small world!

Originally Posted by misc100 View Post
there is a guy in St Benedicts street who is/was pretty helpful .. or used to be
obviously, anyone is going to charge for time
meet you in the Belgian Monk
I'm not sure if they are still there or not. I actually live out in the sticks now and don't make it into Norwich often. They built my first PC for me way back when....!

As for the Belgian Monk, I went there for the first time just a couple of weeks ago. Most uncanny that you should mention it!

Right, off to bed and see what the morrow brings.

Thanks to all.

(PS - and lesson learnt today to make notes as things happen/as I do things so that is does not get as hazy and foncused as it has done today)
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