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I have linreaper running on Ubuntu and everything works great: all VSTs work, the setup is just like it was on windows, I can run it through my external sound card, it's fully functional. EXCEPT:

I can't get low latency without tons of xruns. I've been trying to use a DAW in linux, on and off, for at least 7 years now and this is where I always hit a wall.

Does linreaper use the wine-rt patch? I don't know if that would help. Besides that, there are all these parameters to tweak in jackctl and I've never been able to find the point where I can record in realtime without xruns.

My CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-3337U CPU @ 1.80GHz × 4
I have 8GB RAM. My Ubuntu host OS is 64 bit. I would think I should have powerful enough hardware. I guess this is mostly a jack question, but if anyone could tell me how to get my reaper/asio/wine/jack stack in proper working order, I would be very grateful.
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