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Default Track Inspector v1.4rc48 (2019-11-04)

HeDa_Track Inspector VIP displays and provides controls to manipulate information about the selected track, and displays RMS and EBUR128 meters for the track. It is designed to be docked vertically to the left or right of the arrange. You can also have one docked to the left for the current selected track, and another one to the right with only the master track.

REAPER 5.95 or newer
SWS Extensions 2.8.3 or newer
TBProAudio dpMeter4 v4.1.1 or newer for EBUR128 meter. It can be used without it too and have RMS meter instead.

Download and install it using HeDaScripts Manager

  • Track Markers Notes
  • Freeze management and freeze information display
  • FX Chain, Parameters, Sends, Receives
  • FX Groups. Bypass all plugins from a group. Show all plugins from a group (in current track or in all tracks)
  • Track Delay (offset in ms)
  • Big Volume fader with configurable limits (Up and Down)
  • EBUR128 Loudness meter
  • RMS meter/Peak meter/Waveform display
  • General Dynamics compression/expansion meter display
  • Insert markers when peaks over 0.0 db
  • Automatic add to TCP control FX parameters.
  • Sends presets to configurable set of tracks.
  • Automation panel
  • Pre-FX Fader/Meters
  • Post-FX/Post-Fader Meters
  • Soft Bypass of plugins (without PDC of bypassing normally)
  • Soft A/B compare two plugins (without PDC issues of bypassing normally)
  • Automatic resize selected track
  • Automatic show envelopes of selected track.

This is still in development. You can support the development of this with your donations.

I hope you find it interesting, useful. Any suggestions, ideas? Thanks!

Added stereo direction and correlation meters in v.14

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