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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I use Reaper (enhanced by the free SWS "LiveConfigs" add-on) on stage with multiple VSZi and VST plugins, playing two Master Keyboards and a TEC BBC Breath controller.

This does work perfectly. Stuff like "Spit Zones" are mostly rather easily doable by the plugins that come with Reaper. For more special stuff I did some (Midi-Filter) JSFX script plugins myself.

On stage I don't have/need access to the computer. Everything is controlled via Midi.

Setting such a system up is not exactly easy to do. Please feel free to ask if you need any help.

I did consider Cantabile, Reason, and several more software products. But Reaper is not only the cheapest software capable of this, but also the most viable, due to it's excellent enhancements and flexibility. (Moreover it in fact is possible to use it as a DAW without additional cost and learning curve )

Thanks a lot Michael, I use Reaper in a single project with multiple markers pointing to the different background tracks we trigger on stage.
Every song has a Reason Combinator patch, so in stage I have to switch between each program (Reason or Reaper) be it for change Combinator programs or fast forward or backwards in my controller to choose what background track I have to trigger.
I wanted to buy a new laptop to refresh the sound palette I'm using and that is completely based on Reason as you can imagine.
It seems I have to dig a lot to learn those JS plugins you named.

Thanks again !
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