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is to be very careful with other musician's and artist's material. Like I said, this doesn't really apply here, but, heh heh, with my old brain I have a hard time forgetting it.
Hi Tod, to be honest, that's why I played it a little safe myself.

Also, I don't know if it's because of my age or what, but I like some things, like vocals for example, to be natural, at least as natural as possible.
Most of the time I do but there are some instances I like it distorted - not very often though, would need to be tasteful. In fact if you turn up the duplicated vocal track in my project, you'll see it has a fuzz JS or something on it. I was previously blending in to the clear vocal much more than what I submitted. I had wanted to just make the verses sound like a megaphone (seemed to work with the lyric), then ended up backing it way off in the final mix.
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