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Originally Posted by Reflected View Post
it works! :P

one "bug", when rendering mp3, the LBX XY automation in mp3 outcome sounds different than it sounds in the project/real time.
Ok - Have done quick test - and 1x render seems to work ok. You're never going to get a null between multiple renders of the same part because the script is not sample accurate - it just sends data to the plugins it's controlling as quickly as it can (whilst maintaining user input capabilities) - but can only do so when Reaper gives it processing time - so you will always have very small timing differences if you were to perform multiple renders of the same thing.

I could possibly improve accuracy a little by coding in a 'render' mode - where it switches off all unnecessary things like user input/ graphics updates etc. This would allow it to be more accurate when rendering (I guess - these are just ideas). However, I don't think it would ever be fast enough for an offline render.

I'll have a play when I get some free time. I think a completely stripped down run loop which solely monitors automation and nothing else (for rendering) - would be quite easy to include... But then - it would probably sound different to how you're hearing it during tracking - so whether that's what you want anyway is debatable -
but it would always be optional. Maybe call it an 'improved accuracy' mode

EDIT: I only tried rendering to WAV 24bit. Didn't test mp3 at 1x. What exact rendering options were you testing? Offline/Online/Realtime?

Another thought - if accuracy is really really important - I could do something like I did in Chaos Engine - which writes each controls automation to the tracks with the fx on - so basically printing the automation generated by the script to the fx plugins automation lanes. This could be done before rendering - and depending on the plugins involved - would more likely cope with an offline render. Obvious downside to this is that if you needed to change the automation in the scripts XY or Path - you would need to delete the printed automation and redo it. But might be an option in the future. Depends whether offline rendering is important to you, or whether you are happy to render online/realtime at 1x.

As I said earlier - I'll look into the different possibilities and provide some options - but I don't think there will be a perfect solution where you can rely on just the script to produce exact replicas each time the project is rendered, and offline.
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