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And just released update with sensitivity settings for knob and slider controls - can set sensitivity 1-20 for normal/fine adjust/wheel/fine wheel.

I've gone for a 1-20 scale for each as it's easier to remember than 2, 0.1, 0.01, 0.003 which were the defaults.

Anyway - setting any to 0 - reverts to global settings - which currently are fixed but will make adjustable in another update soon.

Find the settings in CTL OPTIONS 2.


Also - a few fixes for cock-ups I've made recently. Main one I can remember was Display Value Offset - wasn't reading the value properly from the saved data. There was also another one where when the text editbox is on the screen - mouse clicks would 'click through' to the surface - so for things like editing control name - you would end up deselecting the control before it could update the data.
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