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Originally Posted by timbralzoom View Post
confirmed! Thank you!

one more off topic Q.
out of curiosity,
what would you suggest for the controls frame count?
performance vs visual smoothness is there is a maximal frame?
technically - shouldn't matter performance wise - but the more frames = more RAM. The more frames = better smoothness.

I've not really done any research myself - just stuck to 100 and 128 frame controls in general.

I would just create a few controls with say 100, 150, 200 etc frames - place them side by side in a strip and see how they perform, and which you prefer. Make sure you assign them to a control with decent range of values (so a continuous control - like a eq frequency). And report your findings here

I guess smaller controls won't benefit as much from v high frame count as there will be less difference between the frames.
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