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Default ReaControl24 :scripts for Digidesign Control24 use with Reaper


I'm please to offer to Reaper users the opportunity to use and contribute to ReaControl24

This is a python project that allows communication with a Digidesign Control24 digital control surface.

Edit: This download should have you up and running, and mixing for real with a Control24 within minutes. This is not experiment-ware, it is a ready-to-go solution with all main functions working and bi-directional:
  • Faders (smooth and responsive, all 24 at once if you need)
  • Pan on Pots, with LED feedback and fine adjustment (hold CMD button)
  • VU meters (except the BUS ones - working on that)
  • Scribble strips (track names, last edited param, configuable)
  • Channel Strip buttons
  • Navigation
  • Transport
  • Jog-Wheel (reaper native Scrub and Shuttle)
  • Clock (beats, time, samples as selected from the desk button)
  • All main surface buttons are mappable to reaper action learn or via Reaper.OSC file

You can download the scripts from Reaper stash

You can also download and contribute to the Github Repo

Edit: The Latest Release (Windows 10 compatibility) is here

The project was built on OSX, and against only 1 hardware example, so I welcome the opportunity to see it more widely tested. In theory it should run on almost anything that can run Python 2.7. Different components can also be split up on different machines, and traffic routed over IP networks (except for the daemon script which must be connected to the same network segment as the desk). This makes for fun scenarios like making other people jump when you move their faders

So far I have a 'client' implementation that converts to OSC, and a Reaper.OSC mapping file to provide the last link. Hopefully in the future I will look to implement a ReaScript version, or even a csurf plugin that can talk directly.
Others out there may be keen to use the same system to convert over to HUI or connect to another midi converter device. I've tried to build them as modular as possible, so if you have a mind to, why not give it a go?


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