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Default Windows 10 compatibility

Some light at the end of the tunnel for ReaControl24 running on Windows10. I tracked the issue with the daemon down to the wincapy library we are using. Dumping this seems to get the script running OK. pyPcap on it's own seems to work much better, so I have hope for a one-codeline-fits-all solution.

Hopefully later I will be able to run it against the device and see if it works.

Edit: We've now had a successful test on Windows10, but there is a way to go yet as stability doesn't seem good (probably MTU again) and there will need to be some shifting around of the network helper/default parameters. The installation is also complicated so a new piece of user guide will be needed.
If anyone is interested in assisting with an Alpha test of this in Windows 10 or prior version, I'd be very glad of having more test environments, as I only have a virtual machine with Windows 10.

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