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Question Observation - new installation. Do we still need Wine?


Yesterday I did a new fresh installation of Ubuntu Studio. I saved all my .dll and .so files from my VST folder before the installation.

When everything was up and running I copied all the lin-vst-server file to /usr/bin with right permissions, and copied my VST folder to /home/user/VST. Installed Reaper via installer script from this forum. Started up Reaper and pointed out my VST folder who is intact from previous installation, with all dll and so files together.

Nothing shows up after scanning. What's wrong? I installed wine and did the same thing again and love and behold - it works.

So we still need wine of some sort to make those dll/so files to work together? Am I right? or is there another way to do this without wine?

OS: Linux Mint XFCE 19.01, Reaper For Linux (64Bit) and native linux-vst plugins (16GB RAM) LSP-Suite, Drumgizmo, TpL-Plugins, LinuxSampler/Fantasia, Behringer U-PHORIA UMC22.
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