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Default Split Screen possible in Reaper?

I did do a search here on the forum before posting this and either I did not type in the right search criteria or there is nothing on this subject.

I have a software called VideoPad from NCH software that can do split screen, but, to me, everything that Reaper can do with video seems so much easier than this video editing software.

Anyways, I did an experiment with VideoPad and here is a link to my very first video and it does the kind of split screen that I'm looking for.

My parents came for my 54th birthday to visit and I videoed them as my backup singers to the song 'Fly Like the Wind' by Christopher Cross.

I have the music in Reaper and recorded their audio of them singing into Reaper as well. I then just synced the video with the audio.

Now, when it is time for the two of them to sing, I want to put them both up on the screen together the same way as I have it in my video on my YouTube channel.

If there is a way to do this, I learn best by watching videos, but, if there is not one of those, if there is any kind of documentation I would be grateful for a referral to whatever is out there to show me how to do it.

If not I will figure it out in VideoPad.

Here is the link to the video:
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