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Originally Posted by MixR View Post
I am new to the party even though I have been lurking around for ages looking to move away from Pro Tools to Reaper and hoping that one day I might be able to use my ProControl with it.

I am no programmer and can not code but have a 32 channel ProControl and can help (beta) test. I would be very happy to see this project made available for ProControl users and whilst I can't provide much in terms of technical support I am happy to help out with beer/coffee money.

I am currently on MacOS 10.9.5, 32 channels of ProControl and latest Reaper.
Fantastic. Does 32 channels mean you have a bunch of the expansion units?
Can you join up over at github and we can hack away at the issues over there?

We have plenty of beer, but, if you're feeling generous, I'd ask you to take a look in the for the donation point. As I understand it, anything that goes there goes to phasewalker's family.
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