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I am on Intel and 7700K and been on Intel for a long time now, but next might.. be AMD actually since my needs is ->(here)<- and both are fast enough today, is my "reasoning" but who knows what both are up to looking forward but that said, why should I upgrade atm..
They say the GHz of the CPU matters for DAWs though.

I am a playback only dude, but I have been thinking about maby get a X0xb0x or something sometimes, but VST software sound so good now, but other then that I am not using the baby to record so I might be happy with Focusrite also, I don't know if I would able to hear or feel a difference between the two for, p l a y b a c k.
I like that it is a table thing and that you can probably connect it to what ever computer you should upgrade to in the future without it beeing a brick, because it is not PCI or PCI-E or what ever..

My only issue now though is myself and my g'damn personality or what, to call it.. *slap!* about this flavour business and stuff.
And now.. you added 5 more I did not know about for me to check out, and Lokasenna One more.
I will Google Picture look up all of these, I have nothing new atm myself, thx.
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