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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
The first thing I do with a fresh install of Windows or Linux is to disable the hiding of anything. I'd rather see a messy list of stuff that shows me everything that is really there, than a neat one that doesn't.
You bet! And I've had people get upset with me when I've done this with their PCs, even after I explained the exact reason why they should damn well get used to knowing what a file extension is lol. Basic housekeeping, folks.

Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Microsoft pretty much lost me when they kept trying to cram Windows 10 down my throat. I'd uninstall the KB that put the GWX (Get Windows 10) crap on my machine, and then tell it to never install it again, and a week later M$ would sneak it back on my machine, hoping I wouldn't notice. It felt like a brute force attack and made me go pro active against them.
I'd kind of forgotten about that! Yes, I had switched to manual updates only, and checked every single KB reference before installing lol. Then they kept adding updates which "makes it easier for software updates" and I'd sigh, look it up on Google, and find out it was part of that whole ramming-Windows10-down-my-throat attempt.

Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Laser engraver for circuit boards?
Actually I make my circuit boards by hand ("blank" circuit board material with no copper plating at all, cut on a saw with a super sharp blade, drilled for eyelets/turrets, then hand-populated and hand-wired).

I use the engraver for amplifier faceplates/logos.

Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
I've been weeding through the Windows apps I'm running in WINE and replacing them with native Linux equivalents. I'm down to only about three now excluding Windows plugins for REAPER. I have my Windows programming language that I wrote my stock ticker in, a programming editor which I can probably replace but just haven't yet, and <drum roll> Winamp v2.80 from April 23 2002, which I believe was the absolute last one before it got AOLized. Winamp is still my favorite MP3/Wav player.
Ha ha! You and that friend of mine who insisted on compiling Linux.

I'm glad about DrumGizmo. There just aren't any other plugins for Linux that I know of (and very few for Windows except paid ones) which allow more than 2 audio output channels (16 of them), velocity layering and round robin. It was one of the last pieces of the puzzle, that I realized I could just ditch Windows and migrate to Linux. Now I need to complete those drumkits. At least I won't have to edit the XML files "manually" anymore, since there's a drumkit editor for it in Linux. I should've just waited until after my migration before starting those kits...
Using REAPER for Linux
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