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Volume turned down works just as it does on passives on these. I also have active EMGs in my Schecter and passives in my LP and Washburn, I know what you mean by volume turned down scenarios - the volume knob actually affects the response of the guitar (and Tone knob does sound differently at different volume levels, as it should), it's not just a "master volume" control like on a lot of EMGs, where it just has this amped, buffered, often clipped signal from the get go, and just turns that down.

Alas, I have no fuzz pedal to check it out. But indeed that might not work with them. Not sure, haven't tried

To summarize, I think Fishman did an absolutely kickass job with their Fluence design. Best pickups ever (not just for Strat). I can have higher gain tones with my Strat without a noise gate - there's no hum, and the actual noise is at extremely low levels. It really obviates the need of using a noise gate. It is bliss.
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