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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
with SWS (MIDI Editor action section):
SWS/BR: Convert selected CC events in active item to linear envelope points in selected envelope (and some variations of it)

doesn't copy into automation items currently though

I didn't know about this action, great, I'll try it.

It would be great if a native action would be implemented.

Because of the new envelopes-like midi CC lanes structure, maybe they could enable copy/paste from midi editor CC lanes to envelopes and viceversa; and also an action to convert directly midi CC lanes to envelopes.

I often use envelopes for some automations as they give me an overall vision of the track dynamics but...for recording purposes midi editor lanes are more functional so I'd like to record there what I need and then copy/paste automation I would like to have in envelopes.

Maybe also some "linking" option between envelope lanes and midi cc lanes would be great. I could edit envelopes and see the mirrored editing in midi cc lanes and viceversa.

Does the SWS action work with the new midi CC lanes?
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