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Hi, Phazma

The first problem I have is that the image shown in the Imgur site is from CubicPack2 (the previous version). This said, let's take things in their order :

1) No, you can't, but I probably can do something about it on my end. Once done, I might add as an attachement here the modifications done as graphic files. I'll explain how to integrate it to the theme at the same time, as I don't want to change what is already existing in the pack, unless there are bugs that need fixes. So, stay tuned, even if it's not going to be in the few days to come...

2) Same as 1)

3) Same as 1)

4) Same as 1)

5) Sadly, it's not possible. At the present state of theming features, we are not allowed to add a button which could trigger an action in the insert slots.

6) The problem is this one : there are two mixers behavior. The first one doesn't allow a vertical redimensioning of a mixer panel (I'm not talking about the extended area which includes the insert, parameters and send sections, just the panel). The only reliable way to implement horizontal lines is using this one, and this is what I did with the the themes that don't have a 'R' in their name. Again, there is a theming limitation, here : either I choose to implement a redimensionable panel, but then the user cannot see horizontal divisions to the fader, or I stick to a non redimensionable one and then, I horizontal markers can be done. In both packs, chack the themes that have (or not...) a 'R' in their names.

7) It's not possible, AFAIK, as Reaper is based on an all purpose track paradigm.

8) A never ending feature request which has been ignored by the devs through the years. Sadly, I can't do anything about it...

9) I could, but then I would have to rewrite all the Walter management of the TCP panels, as faders would take more place. Honestly said, it's not possible : too much work...

Overall, stay tuned. I'll try to implement what I can in the following weeks...
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