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Indeed, something has gone wrong, but it's difficult to put the finger on it, as such a thing never happened to me. So, let's start again from the beginning and take the CubeX theme as an example :

1) After having unzip the CubeX.ReaperThemeZip file, you should have find a CubeX subfolder and a CubeX.ReaperTheme file. Can you confirm this ?

2) In the, once unzipped, there are 10 files in the corresponding CubeX folder : the 9 following files should have gone in the CubeX subfolder in which there are all the graphic files, as well as the rtconfig.txt one :


Among these 9 files, there is only one which is new : envcp_hide_ol.png, which means that there should have been 8 replacements in the CubeX subfolder. Can you confirm this also ?

3) The last one is the CubeX.ReaperTheme file which should replace the old one in the edited theme. So, at the end, are you sure that you have zipped TOGETHER the new CubeX.ReaperTheme AND the CubeX subfolder, change the extension of the resulting archive and put it back in the \ColorThemes subfolder of your Reaper installation ?

If unsure, try again all the process with another copy of the theme. I don't have more time this evening (it's already 21:30 in France) but will come back tomorrow to see how things went. HTWH, though...
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