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Default eDrums - Double trigger notes issue - How to filter?

Hi guys.

I have a edrums and I am using reaper with EZdrummer2.
The bass drum is generating double, sometimes triple notes. This is because the mesh head is bounce.
My drums module is limited so I don't have resources to treat it before the note leaves the module, like manipulating the masking time or re-trigger cancel. I will have to do it in the reaper itself.

I found a JS midi note filter. I heard about filtering based on velocity. Tried that on the specific midi note (C1 - bass), but I am not sure if I did it correctly as it had no effect. The intensity is almost the same for the duplicated one, and when there is a 3rd one, it is lower. So velocity will probably not help.

My main idea would be filtering the same note within the next 30ms after the first note was played, or something on that direction, that I can manipulate the time and which notes.
Something similar to mask time, but anything is welcome.

Any help is much appreciated.


Ronaldo B.
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