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Smile Behringer x-Touch Instructions for a perfect use

Hi, I bought an x-touch yesterday and I configured it so now it works great with Reaper. Also the Plug-ins works good. I tested it on Windows 7 and 10 with the latest Reaper and Sws update.

I hope this post will be useful!

Sorry in advance for my English. I'm from Italy.


STEP 1: Upgrade the Firmware
  1. Connect X-Touch, press "Display" while turning it on and check the firmware version.
  2. Download FIRMAWARE
  3. Download MIDIOX
  4. Open MidiOx
    • Options --> Midi Devices --> select x-touch in Midi Inputs and Midi Outputs
    • Options --> check the last "Pass SysEx"
    • View --> SysEx.. --> Command Window --> Load File... (Load the Firmware file)
    • Still in SysEx window: File --> Send SysEx File
  5. Re-check the Firmware now!

    STEP 2: Configure Mackie Control Klinke
    MC Klinke in necessary to have control on plug-ins in addition to track and transport control.
  7. Copy the ZIP file in "Plugins" folder of Reaper installation folder and unpack it here
  8. On X-Touch, press "Select" on first channel while turning it on, select Mode MC and Ifc USB
  9. Open Reaper --> Options --> Preferences... -->
    • Control/OSC/web --> Add --> Mackie Control (Klinke) and then, if the device is connected via usb, change the value of "control surface display update frequency" to 30 (This is in Control/OSC/web menu)
    • MIDI Devices -->
      right click on X-Touch voice in Midi inputs to set "Enable input" and "Enable Input for control messages"
      right click on X-Touch voice in Midi outputs to set "Enable output"
      make sure to choose "MIDIIN2 (X-Touch)" and MIDIOUTN2 (X-Touch) to use it with another MIDI device.

STEP 3: Close Reaper, Restart the PC

  • How to work on plug-ins? Add FX to tracks, push "PLUG-IN" on the top right of the X-Touch and then push "SELECT" on the first channel of the X-Touch. Now, when you choose a plug-in on the PC, it's assigned on the X-Touch. Press "PAN/SORROUND" to go back to track control.

  • Some buttons on the right are assignable (like the buttons next to GLOBAL VIEW. Check "Special Key" in the Action Window to assign a MIDI button on the X-Touch to an action. OPEN THE IMAGE

  • A few explanations on the buttons assigned to Reaper:

    PAN/SORROUND: Track control

    PLUG-IN: plug-ins control

    SEND: Sends control. It works only if a track with send is selected. SELECT button exchange send and receive channels adjustments.

    FLIP: Swap Volume and Pan potentiometers for fine adjustments.

    F1, F2, F3... refer to markers.
    CONTROL + Fn create a marker
    SHIFT + Fn create a selection
    MARKER button with the led on: press rew or fwd to switch between markers

    Try MODIFY buttons in combination with other functions:

    • CONTROL + SELECTn add a selected track

    • ALT + SELECTn select from 1st to n track

    • SHIFT + SELECTn select from n to 1st track

    • CONTROL + AUTOMATION buttons sets the behavior on all tracks.
      The same with REC, SOLO, MUTE buttons

    • CONTROL + rew or fwd go to beginning or end of project.


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