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Originally Posted by AdamWathan View Post
This plug in is fantastic, thanks so much! My only suggestion is to add a slider that lets you control how sensitive it is to the incoming velocity...
Thank you for your kind words! I am planning to add a Velocity stretch-slider (0-100%) to control how much DrumReaplacer adjusts the volume of the samples to that of the incoming audio. Then all you have to do is set that slider to 0% and DrumReaplacer will play back all samples exactly like they are in the sample source file.

Which also means that if you use a sample source file containg only hits of the same velocity (meaning "hard", if you're a metal guy : ) all replaced hits will have the same velocity. Does that sound like a good solution?

Until then the simplest way to acheive what your after would be to add a ReaGate before DrumReaplacer and set it to emit only noise when the gate opens.

- Jonas

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