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Syd Masters
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Saffire Pro 26
Driver version 2.3.8467
Dux WinXP32 SP3
Abit IP35 Pro on-board TI Firewire
Q6600 4gb

32 samples = 5.87ms
66 samples = 8.16ms
132 samples = 11.66ms
264 samples = 17.64ms

all measurements were stable under Centrance LTU

The first two however have not been tested under practical applications, ie- jamming.

I've currently been using ASIO 88 sample (2.0ms) buffer with fw 1.0ms buffer:
88 samples = 9.66ms
This setting is very responsive with guitar/bass/vsti so 9.66 seems a little misleading especially when compared to some of the measurements posted here.

I'd be curious to know more details from everyone regarding OS (XP32/64/ vs Vista32/64) and firewire PCI vs on-board. As always with these things, the more data the better.

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