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Originally Posted by madias View Post

@ jedstar: totally agree with your suggestion!
Maybe its easy for choosing this appearances in the plugin-preferences?
Not sure I know what you mean . Are there preferences for automap or do you mean the csurf dialog.

I have a feeling the automap calls the API for a parameter and the API returns the control for the parameter and a name for it (T1BDVol) which would make perfect sense for addressing the API but a little confusing when mixing .

Padre has manged to call the API for the name only (as displayed on the left in beta ) by bypassing automap and using sysex which I guess means it would require some intervention by either novation or cockos to be able to request name only when addressing track volume(maybe a separate api command)
or someone mite right an action in python to do this .

#*$ I wish I had the programing skillz
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