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Originally Posted by timlloyd View Post
I somehow managed to let myself get a bit bored this morning ... listened to Nick Drake's Pink Moon in REAPER and played around with really subtle doses of V_Room


Pink Moon is one of my standard reverb test tracks, along with "Tom's Diner" (A Capella) by Suzanne Vega. I use Pink Moon (and occasionally "Horn" off the same album) because they are totally dry tracks, with very little room reverb. In addition, the stereo miking used on the "Pink Moon" album will sound bad with reverbs that sum to mono, so it is a good way of making sure that the stereo spread sounds good in the reverb output.

Vocals are a good stress test for reverbs as well, as the asymmetrical shape of the glottal waveform is pretty close to a pulse waveform. This will cause any unpleasant resonances in the reverb to ring like a bell.

Plus, I've heard "Pink Moon" several thousand times at this point, and it is still a beautiful song.

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