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Oh no, after I installed the 1.863 update EZD went all weird on me. After I open the EZD GUI and the samples finish loading I can no longer audition the drum set (left clicking on each from the main window). There is no sound and the EZD GUI is real sluggish. One time, only an empty EZD VST shell appeared when opened. It was all black inside. REAPER even crashed on me. I thought maybe the new v1.1 EZD update was acting up, but when I opened SONAR 6.2.1, EZD opened, auditioned & played like it always has. Re-opened REAPER and a EZD track template and the same odd weird behavior as before. I tried reverting back to 1.862 and then 1.861 and the same odd behavior persists. I even did a Clear cache and rescan of all my plugins but that did not help either.

First time I had a REAPER update go badly for me. Unfortunately, I am not usre how to get EZD back to normal again.
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