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Thanks for the tip, it's more about the filtering needed to keep the parameters/tracking smooth that makes it a little slow to react but these can be turned off (great for fx as explained below)

I've had it for about 8 years now. Controlled via midi it's great for fx control with the other free hand using something like the wacom for setting pitch or a keyboard as it has always been a little latent for pitch because of the averaging needed for error correction and also the low midi CC range.

It's pretty fast on the fingers side though and if you get rid of the filtering/averaging it's very responsive for crazy effects.

I love creating some wild feedback/filter distortion delay things and assigning each parameter to finger plus x,y,z,roll,tilt etc as after a while of using it you get use to certain hand positions as giving you "that tone" and others for "this tone" and it becomes instinctive and fun.

plus it was only 20 when I got mine off ebay
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