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I made an usine patch to retrieve all selected track and send the parameters value I'm currently changing to those adresses, a kind of vca automation for selected track in reaper.
The problem is I need to have #NUMBER OF TRACKS set to 300 to be sure to have all tracks current selection state.
What if reaper send something like :


This way we could directly know the first selected track is track #24, and there is 2 track selected. And we can avoid to have a high number of tracks in the OSC Bank. The value of those adresses will change as it is now : on track selection change.

I'd also like to have the option to "stream" tracks as they are shown in the mixer. I mean reaper could tell something like :


First track shown in MCP is track #24, Second track shown in MCP is track #46, 2 track shown.

We can have even better :

I wonder if we could then OSC bank switch in the mixer ? I didn't dig the BANK thing.
This would stop the flood for me, as all tracks sent by reaper will be the 24 tracks I want (syncronised with my MCU and all displayed on my reaper mixer screen - which I'm also using for Usine).
Reaper OSC with Usine and multitouch is absolutely mind blowing. I'll show it soon..

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