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So I've got another update to this theme ready, but I'd like to pack it correctly so it opens properly like other themes.

It's funny that after editing thousands of lines of Walter code, I still can't work this basic function.

In Apollo, the ReaperThemeZip, ReaperTheme, and resource folder are all called the same thing, "Apollo". The same is true of White Tie's Imperial.

In Default Analog 1.8, the ReaperThemeZip is titled "Default_Analog_v1.8", while the ReaperTheme and resource folder are called the same thing, "Default_Analog_v1.8_unpacked". However, in the ReaperTheme text, ui_img is set to "Default_Analog_v1.8_unpacked," but when you double click the ReaperThemeZip or drag and drop it to Reaper, and open the theme preferences, the "theme uses image resources" is set to "Default_Analog_v1.8" only.

I assume the ReaperThemeZip is telling Reaper to look inside the zip for the image resources, and the ReaperTheme file therein refers Reaper to the resource folder packed with it. But try as I might, I can't get this to work.

What do I do?

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