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Originally Posted by Empty Planet View Post
With respect, I've never heard of anyone listing a host's in-channel eq as being their favorite. Much more often the reverse, in fact.

As a long, longtime Cubase user, allow me to offer the humble opinion that this is one of the ways Cubase started to go south years ago, when it began to try to be all things to all people. For the vast majority of users, that onboard eq became just another part of that 750 megs of application that just didn't get used.

Reaper is an astonishingly concise, elegantly coded package. I think there's something to that.

Exactly, I never found use for Cubase's EQ. I might find use for a JS or cockos EQ, but not the same EQ on every track, I have a UAD-1, I don't use the cambridge EQ on every track, I don't use the pultec on every track, I don't use the UAD-1 channel strip EQ on every track. But I might use all of them during a mix on different tracks for different reasons. Hmmm, maybe I would throw that might makes newbies complacent and say oh this EQ is awesome or this EQ bites never learning that each good EQ has its uses, heck even the bad ones might have their uses, but the user needs to find out what works for them, that is why: 1) OPTIONAL 2) CUSTOMIZABLE , is the only way this would work, and even then I am not sure its a good idea at all.
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