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First, please rename it as "Utility/mschnell_MIDI Volume Control.jsfx" (or similar) to follow the naming convention of the repository, as documented in its README.
Package files must be in a subdirectory for the category, they cannot be at the root.

The metadata header also need some corrections:
  1. There cannot be empty lines between the tags (it's the boundary between header and code)
  2. Indentation matters to the parser and is required for multi-line values (about in this case)
  3. The donation tag is for links only, with an optional short label. You can put your text in about instead.
Like this:
version: 1.0
desc: MIDI Volume Control
author: Michael Schnell (
changelog: Initial release
  ## Description

  The midi CC values 0 ... 127 are mapped to an "amplifier" curve that consists of a linear and an exponential part
  in a way, that with CC = 0 the amplification is 0 (-inf dB) and with CC = 127 the amplification is 1 (0db).

  A slider defines the amount (in dB), the amplification is reduced with each CC step.

  According to that, the breakpoint between the exponential and the linear part is set so that 
  at this point the value and the slope of the curves match.

  Below the breakpoint, a linear curve is used so that with CC = 0 the amplification is Zero (-infinity dB).

  Another slider defines the maximum speed the amplification is modulated. This is set in dB per modulation step.

  Moreover the maximum speed used is reaching a new defined level in as many steps a samples in a block.

  A graph shows as well the curve (Amplification vs CC steps), as the dynamic movement of the amplification level.

  ## Limitations

  As due the the description above, the modulation speed is limited to reaching the target level in a timespan at least 
  as the duration of a sample block, the current version of this plugin is not suitable for synth-like application that
  intend to implement a VCA.

// Author: Michael Schnell, based on a work of Time Waster (M. Smith)
// License: LGPL -

slider1:0<0,15,1{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16}>MIDI Input Channel
After fixing this, go back to You should see a green button "Compare & pull request" at the right. Click on that, then on "Create pull request".
You will be able to see the status of reapack-index on your pull request page (it takes a few minutes to complete).
Then, after approval by a team member, it will finally appear inside ReaPack.

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