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Im not familar with Acid, Vegas, Live, so I don't know what I would be asking for if I voted for this. I kinda like Reapers D.I.Y approach, as long as you set things up nicely, and tidy up as you go (which Im trying to get into the habit of doing) it should work okay.

A couple of enhancements I would like to see are: 'Delete source file'...Ive just recorded a track, it's crap, and needs to go straight in the trash. And in the 'clean project directory' a 'Listen' or 'Play' button, like in Cakewalk.

Consolidate, it looks good, feels good, smells good, and Ill take Pipes word for it that its fantastic, but I don't know what the hell Im doing with it (Ill have to play around with it some more I guess)

Yeah, 'clean project folder' scares me too, here's what happens, I record a track, it's okay, but I think I can do better, so I remove it, and try again, I know it's still there in the project folder should I need to retrieve it,... but wait a minute, it's now also in the 'clean project folder' with a name like 14..01.wav together with a dozen others (scratches head, and closes folder) and promises self, will get better organized tomorrow....3 days later....'clean project folder' has grown considerablely in size (scratches head again, and closes folder)

I would like to hear how others around here, set things up, and save, and whatnot.

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