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Default i3 Gen9 CPU?

I am planning to build a "guitar amp head". Well, not really the conventional type:

1: Matrix GT1500FX amplifier
2: Focusrite 18i20 Gen2 soundcard (maybe replaced by a more decent preamp later on)
3: Computer with RME Raydat

We already have a bad ass computer for recording 25 - 30 tracks simultaneously, works great. But I feel the need of fooling around with my dedicated Reaper with VST's for real-time rehearsal, and be able to bring it home from time to time.

So in essence: I will have Reaper with one track (maybe two at times, jamming with a keyboard player or another guitarist) - loaded with a number of VST's. Latency is of course the main concern - what CPU do I need? I have a B360 motherboard, so I can use Gen8 and Gen9 CPUs from Intel.

I am hunting for GHz, right, not number of cores? Will an i3-9359KF (4GHz, 4 cores) be a cheap option?
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