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Originally Posted by netphreak View Post
I am hunting for GHz, right, not number of cores? Will an i3-9359KF (4GHz, 4 cores) be a cheap option?
I found i3-9350KF when searching so I'm guessing that's what you meant.

It should be fine. I have an i3-6300 in one of my computers (3.8 GHz, 2 cores/4 threads) and I'd used it with Reaper a fair bit. It performed well with live plugin use on a single track, and the 9350KF is significantly more capable than that.

Just don't run too many plugins live. Choose more CPU-efficient plugins if needed, and also avoid any plugins that have latency (requiring plugin delay compensation aka PDC). When you have a plugin selected in the fx browser, look at the bottom left for "CPU" and "samples". You want lower CPU % and also 0 samples (of PDC). If a plugin requires PDC it'll just add latency to your setup and you don't want that. Keep in mind if a plugin is using oversampling and you see a "samples" (PDC) reading, you might get it to 0 samples if you turn off oversampling and it'll probably sound about the same anyway.

Lots of plugins which need more CPU can be substituted for plugins which need less CPU, without sacrificing quality. Same goes with PDC (with some exceptions due to how some effects work, since some would require a bit of PDC). So keep an open mind when you're checking out what plugins you're planning to use. Your ears should be the judge.

You might have to play with some settings in Preferences to maximize its performance for live use, but it should work well. If you were planning to run a large project while also having inputs with live fx on them, that might be different. For using it as a "guitar amp/fx computer" though, I don't see why it couldn't do the job.

I don't know about your interfaces specifically since I haven't used them. I'd expect the RME to be capable of getting very low latency (3 ms round-trip is probably possible) without stressing the CPU much, based on what I've read about their drivers. As for the Focusrite I still think it'd be possible to get around 10 ms round-trip latency without the computer bogging down. I was able get that, or close, with my i3-6300 system and various inexpensive interfaces (including Realtek audio devices on the mainboard using WASAPI driver, or using the included ASIO driver which surprisingly was there on the mainboard's turns out Realtek has been making ASIO drivers for a while). Anyway I'd consider the RME first if latency is your concern.
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