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Question Recommendations for Keyboard MIDI Controller?

Apologies if this is in the wrong topic, I wasn't sure if here or the Compatibility one would be best.

I'm looking to get a keyboard midi controller to make a few things easier, and a friend has recommended the M-Audio Oxygen 49. But he's on a Mac, with Logic, and I'm on Win10 with Reaper ...

A bit of research indicates that DirectLink doesn't support Reaper, and most of the 'getting it going' posts I've found on the forum are a few years old and for earlier versions, so I'm guessing that at best one would have to do a lot of stuff the hard way, which might hurt my little brainy too much at this point.

So ... does anyone know if the Oxygen does integrate relatively easily with Reaper?

Failing that, what recommendations would people have for good-but-affordable keyboard controllers that do "just work"?

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