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Thanks for the reply.

Yes, essentially a midi keyboard with "extra bits" so make it easier to play and manipulate virtual instruments and other aspects of the DAW.

A lot of the units that I've been looking at don't specifically support Reaper, so much of the extra functionality seems to get lost/not be available, or be a bit of a pain to get set up (for a relative newbie).

I think I may have found the answer whilst researching elsewhere though, in the Nektar LX49+ which appears to support Reaper directly "out of the box".

I'm basically looking for something that will allow me to "play in" other instruments (keys, synth pads, virtual instruments, drums to a limited extent) rather than having to use the virtual keyboard or the piano roll. If it comes with other features as well that can help, like slider integration, transport control and so on, then so much the better.
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